The coral reefs of the Baltic Sea

Mia Henriksson   A long, band-like plant that can grow up to one metre tall grows under the surface of the Baltic Sea. Common eelgrass (Zostera marina) is a seed plant of marine origin. Eelgrass gro... Läs mera

Small pharmaceuticals, great effects

Nanomedicine can potentially result in more effective drugs with fewer side effects. But the road to that end is lined with challenges. Text & Photo: Nicklas Hägen Within nanomedicine size is everything. ... Läs mera


Parvez Alam is a docent in natural materials at Åbo Akademi University. He plays a central role in fifteen different advanced bioinspired projects. He is a biohacker. He is married and the father of two childre... Läs mera

Presentations of some of the research projects

Parvez Alam’s research is bioinspired – meaning that he looks in the natural world for the structures and characteristics of materials. Marine organisms seem to be the dominant source of inspiration. Marcus Pr... Läs mera

Åbo Akademi University 100 years

A history in three parts of the 100 years of Åbo Akademi University will be published by its centennial year, 2018. The history will present a broad perspective on Åbo Akademi University and will also contain a... Läs mera

Why is ice slippery?

Benjamin Alm   When you are ice-skating you make use of friction in two ways – you glide forward and press sideways and outwards so that the blades of the skates cut into the ice in order to gain speed... Läs mera