Sublime curves

Few record covers have endured as long as that of Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures. There are T-shirts, posters, tattoos and art exhibitions featuring the image – the fact that even Disney produces an im... Läs mera

Light at the end of the tunnel

The expansion of the Helsinki metro is one of the most extensive ongoing infrastructural projects in Finland. For the planning, boring, and detonating of two 14-kilometre-long parallel tunnels and the construct... Läs mera

The history of biovisualization

Fred Andersson. Photo: Marcus Prest. Generally speaking, the aim of visualization is to produce pictures that present information as clearly as possible. Learning to create these types of images requires train... Läs mera

Radioactive activities

Positron emission tomograhy (PET) is a technique for visualisation which requires a vast infrastructure. In Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University and Turku University Hospital are cooperating in PET a... Läs mera

Expedition: Greenland

A voyage on a research vessel to one of the most unaffected sea environments in the world: the expedition TUNU-V investigated how biological diversity in the fjords of north-eastern Greenland is affected by cli... Läs mera

Finland in the wake of Nokia

Nokia mobile phones have been a source of national pride for the Finns ever since the beginning of the era of the mobile phone in the middle of the 1990s. Times are changing and the company sold its production ... Läs mera

A self-image made out­ of high technology

Jan Svanberg put his trust in South Korean technology rather than Finnish, when buying his Samsung.By Nicklas Hägen In Finland, there has been an engagement around Nokia that has occasionally been similar to... Läs mera

A Women’s Struggle on Wheels

A strategic, full-contact sport on roller blades. Roller derby is a sport where women take centre stage. By Nicklas Hägen ROLLER DERBY has its origin in the USA of the 1930s. In the fifties and sixties, the... Läs mera

Warring is not human

Humans are not necessarily violent by nature. New research shows that it was a rare occurrence for our nomadic ancestors to make war. By Ari Nykvist We are aggressive and bellicose by nature. Have always be... Läs mera